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Money Can't Buy Happiness. But...

Let's address this upfront: money alone cannot alleviate loneliness, resolve deep-seated trauma, or forge genuine friendships. It cannot mend broken family relationships or bring reconciliation with adversaries. Money cannot cure chronic diseases or guarantee everlasting happiness.

But let's be honest. If a sudden windfall of $200,000 were to appear in your chequing account overnight, it's unlikely that you would feel sad about it.

A prevailing movement today seeks to moralize money, advocating for having 'just enough to live on.' While that perspective is commendable, why don't you want more? Money itself doesn't corrupt; it merely amplifies one's true nature. Suppose you are unpleasant in your everyday life and suddenly become a billionaire. In that case, you may become an unpleasant billionaire. Conversely, if you're kind and principled, imagine all the good you could do with a billion dollars.

However, let's bring this discussion closer to reality, as most of us won't become billionaires. What if you could comfortably treat your extended family to dinner twice a year without financial strain? What if you could support a friend battling cancer by easing their financial burden? What if you could invest $1 million in a company dedicated to solving the climate crisis? And yes, what if you could afford to own a home?

I want to encourage my friends and peers to pursue wealth unapologetically. It's important to acknowledge that pursuing wealth may attract sneers and criticism from those consumed by envy. These people are holding you back. Pursuing wealth can be an act of love. It is as much of an act of love as you choose to make it.

Now how does one accumulate wealth? Well, that varies based on individual circumstances and personal interests. But the first crucial step is recognizing that money matters. Money can help. And if you're comfortable and relaxed enough in your skin, it can kind of buy happiness.

So let's get to work.

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Aug 18, 2023

I just loved seeing your Mom there!♥️


Mike Ziegler
Mike Ziegler
Aug 16, 2023

Great wealth management tips!

Looking forward to this blog.


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